The History Of Concrete

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Iron-ore is one of the most mineral existing in nature, and natural iron ore can be divided into different categories such as hematite, magnetite, limonite, and so on.

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  • A brief history on concrete blocks

    A brief history on concrete blocks

    A brief history on concrete blocks 1 concrete blocks began as sunbaked clay bricks in ancient societies the modern concrete block was invented in the mid-1800s and revolutionized building the world over beautiful and masterful examples of masonry can b...

  • A history of concrete molds, from thomas edisons

    A history of concrete molds, from thomas edisons

    A history of concrete molds, from thomas edisons failed cement company to habitat 67 moldes de concreto passado e futuro 25 aug 2018 archdaily trans montano, zo accessed...

  • A history of recycled concrete

    A history of recycled concrete

    Though reusing crushed concrete dates back to ancient times, it was first recorded in 1860 in germany it became popular in the united states in the 1970s though, as landfills near heavily populated areas started refusing to accept broken concrete the pr...

  • A short history of concrete

    A short history of concrete

    Concrete as we know today is nothing like what was first recorded in ancient times several thousand years ago while there are many interpretations of what concrete is, they were all used to build infrastructure in one way or another the concept of a con...

  • Company history

    Company history

    2020-3-11outside of the companys residential production work, gms concretes history has truly grown and expanded with a business acumen that has encompassed the importance of family while establishing a positive record of accomplishment of growth in the v...

  • Concrete a history of loss, betrayal and innovation

    Concrete a history of loss, betrayal and innovation

    2020-3-1concrete a history of loss, betrayal and innovation november 1, 2019 - blog share concrete is the most used building material and it has been used for many years more than 5,000 years ago, egyptians mixed mud and straw to form bricks and used...

  • Concrete contractor

    Concrete contractor

    The legacy of concrete is as enduring as the material itself the following article discusses the 5,000 year history of concrete and how it has developed into todays most frequently used material in...

  • Concrete ships history

    Concrete ships history

    A brief history of concrete ships the oldest known concrete ship was a dingy built by joseph louis lambot southern france in 1848 the boat was featured in the 1855 worlds fair in france photo of one of lambots ferro-cement boats found on ferroboatscom...

  • Developments in concrete pavements

    Developments in concrete pavements

    2020-1-25developments in concrete pavements the developments in concrete pavements oral history project comprises almost 16 hours of interviews, recorded on digital audio tape with road engineers, builders and designers, roads and maritime services staff...

  • History duimering concrete forming

    History duimering concrete forming

    Home history team process gallery contact home history team process gallery contact built on a foundation of trust our history small beginnings when i was a young father back in the late 60s i was employed by a local home builder hired as a framer and...

  • History morgan concrete company

    History morgan concrete company

    2020-3-11history morgan concrete company morgan concrete company was incorporated in 1975 as a family owned and operated ready-mix company operations began with just two employees, including founder ferrell morgan, running one batch plant and one mixer...

  • History of concrete

    History of concrete

    History of concrete properties of concrete types of concrete applications of concrete this website was developed by geno jezek, owner of the online magnet store, wwwcustom-magnetscomcustom-magnets has been supplying magnetic material and custom fr...

  • History of concrete

    History of concrete

    Cement has been around for 12 million years the ancient romans created a special concrete to make hydraulic cement that has lasted for over 2,000 years explore the timeline created by cemex usa to learn more about the history of concrete and cement...

  • History of concrete bridges

    History of concrete bridges

    History of concrete bridges no-one knows how the bridge concept really began but early man would have used fallen trees, stepping stones and other naturally occurring materials to cross geographical barriers some of the earliest surviving bridges date fr...

  • History of concrete kuhlman corporation

    History of concrete kuhlman corporation

    History of concrete concrete -- the building material with real lasting power if you want something to last, make it out of concrete just ask the ancient egyptians, greeks and romans after thousands of...

  • History of concrete strengths

    History of concrete strengths

    Im noticing that the standard concrete design strengths are edging up, from 4000 to 4500 psi i can remember when 3500 psi was the state of the art, then it was 4000 psi, now it...

  • History thomson concrete materials

    History thomson concrete materials

    History 1949 - incorporated by owners bennie langham and george poss david c dc hughes, jr was employed 1959 - dc hughes purchases 100 of shares the company produces ready-mixed concrete, pre-cast concrete products and performs concrete contractin...

  • History  thomas concrete  concrete supplier

    History thomas concrete concrete supplier

    2020-3-11history thomas concrete group in 1955 martin thomas founded ab frdig betong today thomas betong ab and its first concrete plant in karlstad in swedenover the years the company has developed into an international group named thomas concrete gro...

  • Reinforced concrete

    Reinforced concrete

    2020-2-16reinforced concrete rc also called reinforced cement concrete or rcc is a composite material in which concretes relatively low tensile strength and ductility are counteracted by the inclusion of reinforcement having higher tensile strength or duc...

  • Roman concrete study

    Roman concrete study

    After centuries of weathering and use, many of their buildings still stand today recently, researchers at uc berkeley had the opportunity to study samples of roman concrete taken from a harbor near naples, italy this study shed new light on why roman co...

  • Some concrete history

    Some concrete history

    The age of concrete al-khazneh, aka the treasury monument in petra proven to last thousands of years, concrete is currently one of the most popular building materials while its been well studied with the ancient romans, they were not the first to use...

  • The history of reinforced concrete

    The history of reinforced concrete

    The history of concrete goes back as far as the beginning of human civilizations in ancient times but it wast until more recent centuries that man began reinforcing concrete with rebar and other metals for construction purposes the process of reinforcin...

  • Timeline of concrete

    Timeline of concrete

    2010-11-81000 lake shore drive beats marina city at 640 ft 6000 psi concrete in the lower columns was used for the first time 1964 place victoria in montreal, ht 624 ft using 6000psi concrete columns 1967 first concrete domed sport structure, the assem...

  • Transcrete concrete pumps

    Transcrete concrete pumps

    History transcrete was there in 1967 when concrete pumping was a totally new concept of moving concrete from transit trucks to formwork through a 100 mm pipeline...